Circumstances are going from bad to worse for the accused Italian Prime Minister. Silvio Berlusconi’s weather girl scandal involving men’s magazine model Allessandra Sorcinelli has revealed that the embattled Italian leader continued to pay off women even after the scandal broke, sources say. Get the full story with pictures and video below!

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The 74-year-old PM attempted to laugh off accusations of improper conduct earlier this week by saying he’d have to be “better than Superman” to engage in activities with 24 women. Maybe so, but he’s looking more like a super-villain in the eyes of prosecutors, who just uncovered a key piece of evidence this week.

Investigators examining the PM’s bank records discovered that Alessandra Sorcinelli, a former weather reporter turned model, received $156,000 in payments since she has known the Italian leader. What’s more disturbing is that, despite fresh accusations of violating a 17-year-old model during one of his infamous ‘bunga-bunga’ parties, Berlusconi’s weather girl was still getting paid even after the scandal broke. According to a report issued by investigators, funds were transferred monthly under the tag “non-interest-earning loan.”

Meanwhile, the Italian leader is continuing to fight the charges leveled against him. This past weekend he publicly questioned the scruples of investigators who would spy on a democratic leader.

“Since the beginning of 2010 all the guests that came to my house in Arcore have been subject to continued phone tapping … Is it normal in a democracy that the prime minister can be subject to this type of control, to this spying?”

A recent poll of Italians reflects a sadly tolerant nature of the Mediterranean nation. Only 13% of respondents say the accusations will signal the end of their leader’s political career, and 26% say they believe the entire scandal will pass without result and be forgotten in the coming weeks. What do you think of Berlusconi’s weather girl scandal? With alleged evidence of payment to Alessandra Sorcinelli and rumors of improper activities with 17-year-old Ruby Rubacuori, does this case have enough evidence to merit formal charges against the Italian PM? Let me know what you think in the comment section after you check out the photos and video on the story below!

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