So, we go from a president that has traveled the world to apologize for the U.S.A. and to bow to the ground before kings and other dictators to now having that same president allowing an anti-American propaganda song to be played at an official state dinner right here at home! Needless to say the incident is being hailed as a propaganda coup in China.

The concert prepared by the communist Chinese and its nationalist pianist Lang Lang included an anti-U.S. propaganda song titled “My Motherland” which was from the Chinese movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain. The film depicts American soldiers during the Korean War as “jackals.”

The song Lang Lang played describes how beautiful China is and then near the end has this verse, “When friends are here, there is fine wine /But if the jackal comes /What greets it is the hunting rifle.” The “jackal” in the song is the United States.

Lang Lang claimed that he picked the song himself in order for Chinese people to “feel extremely proud.” It is more likely that the Chinese government told him to pick it, not that Lang Lang would be against the idea. It is just not likely that the commies would allow him his own choices at an event so important as an official state dinner is to them.

This was a finger in the eye to his hosts, the United States, certainly.

The Epoch Times reports that the Red Chinese dictatorship was certain to have known that Lang Lang intended to play the anti-American song during his concert before President Obama and the world. The paper also says that it is “not known’ if Obama’s staff knew the song was going to be played, but I’d wager his staff knew every song that was on the playlist. After all, this is an official state dinner. If the Obama administration didn’t know every last second of the program they would have severely fallen down on their job.

It is unlikely that Obama didn’t know this was going to happen. In fact, I’d wager he liked the idea. He’s spent the last three years telling any foreign power that will listen that the U.S. is a bad place so allowing an anti-American song to be played in his presence right in the nation’s capitol fits his modus, for sure.

For their part, the Chinese are ecstatic that this incident occurred and have been passing the video clip around since it happened.

“In the eyes of all Chinese, this will not be seen as anything other than a big insult to the U.S.,” says Yang Jingduan, a Chinese psychiatrist now living in Philadelphia who had in China been a doctor in the Chinese military. “It’s like insulting you in your face and you don’t know it, it’s humiliating.”

Again, this fits with Obama’s agenda. Humiliating the U.S. among foreigners is his stock-in-trade.

This is the sort of stuff that made President Bush refuse to allow the Chinese to have state dinners and big official events here in the U.S.A. The Chinese feel they are our enemy and will use any and every opportunity to attempt to humiliate America. They have said so openly, the have done so repeatedly and Bush knew this was the case. He refused to give them a platform for their propaganda coups.

But that was when we had a president with real foreign policy chops, one that actually thought his country was a great place. Now we have a president that wants to punish every aspect of his own nation as well as a president that wants to help others do the same.