Pope Benedict XVI thinks not everyone has a right to marry when he spoke to the Roman Rota. In his annual speech, the Pope’s message on marriage was appropriate, as the Rota determines the Catholic Church policy on marriage annulments. Grants of an annulment to a bride and groom essentially declares that the nuptial ceremony and sacrament never occurred. Pope Benedict XVI cautions it’s use and wants more emphasis on the indissolubility of marriage. The Pope believes that the rate of annulments and divorces should be reduced.

Pope not everyone has right to marry

This is an Open Thread posting. You may freely comment on any topic or story you wish. I choose to start this thread with the news item today about the Pope’s stance on marriage. He told the Roman Rota “No one can make a claim to the right to a nuptial ceremony.” So what do you think about Pope Benedict XVI’s call for pastors to provide more pre-marriage counseling to avoid potential mistakes in judgment?

Or, perhaps you would like to grade Barack Obama’s report card after two years in office? That is fine with me! I’ll even suggest a grade of an ‘F’ for international diplomacy. What goes on in the White House? Are they all idiots? Nobody thought to make sure that Obama would greet Hu Jintao in Chinese, but instead leading to another embarrassing gaffe of speaking Japanese to President Hu? Maybe they all look a like to Obama? Is that the excuse? I’m sure some in the Media would say such if George W. Bush had greeted the Chinese president in Japanese! This is almost as bad as Hillary’s ‘Re-Set’ button debacle.

So, likewise, the Pope thinks not everyone has a right to marry. That a bride and groom should enter the nuptial ceremony seriously. Pope Benedict XVI wants the lower the rate of marriage annulment and divorce, reinforcing the concept of the indissolubility of marriage. Will the Pope’s stand during his annual speech to the Catholic Church Roman Rota carry any weight? Or will it be just the same sort of hogwash we get from Barack Obama?

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