Was juggernaut Kieth Olbermann fired by MSNBC? Without any notice to his fans, the nighttime anchor announced he was leaving on the last segment of his show last night. Get the full story, with pictures and a video of his last show below!

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NBC Universal was acquired by Comcast last week, and the change of power was marked by the exit of Universal chief Jeff Zucker. He is credited with placing Olbermann in the nighttime slot, and turning the once-unprofitable network into the second-place national nighttime political network.

Now, fans are wondering if the same people who caused Zucker to leave may have had Keith Olbermann fired. The anchor had two-years left on his contract with the network. Following the final commercial segment during his show the anchor told his viewers in plain words that this would be his final broadcast.

“There were many occasions, particularly in the last 2 1/2 years, where all that surrounded the show — but never the show itself — was just too much for me,” he said in his exit statement. “But your support and loyalty and, if I may use the word, insistence, ultimately required that I keep going. My gratitude to you is boundless.”

Regardless of who the responsible party is in his departure, it was clear that neither party was particularly emotional about saying goodbye. At least the network gave him more time than ESPN did. The anchor adds a moment of levity by describing what happened when he left the sports network.

“As God as my witness, in the commercial break just before the emotional moment, the producer got into my earpiece and he said, ‘um, can you cut it down to 15 seconds so we get in this tennis result from Stuttgart.'”

What do you think of the star anchor leaving the network? Has MSNBC let go of their most valuable host by having Keith Olbermann fired? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! And don’t miss the pictures and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/HRC, Adriana M. Barraza