As one of the leaders of the L.A. chapter of the anti-war group ANSWER said, not long ago Old Media types were calling the anti-war movement “the third world power” because it seemed so powerful… or we should say because the Old Media wanted to present the anti-war movement as powerful. Only a few short years ago the anti-war effort was able to put thousands in the streets with only a few days notice. Now, anti-war groups can’t get more than a dozen people together at any given time.

So, what happened? Obama got elected and the hypocrites in the so-called anti-war movement suddenly found that war didn’t bother them so much since Bush was gone, that’s what happened.

You see, the anti-war movement was populated mostly with people that only wanted to get Bush out of office, to discredit him and the GOP. But once Obama got elected suddenly they realized they were no longer interested in protesting the government.

Yet, from the anti-war prospective, Obama’s foreign policy and his warmongering is little different than that of the Bush team. Still no mass protests. And those smaller protests that do come off are ignored by their once legion of followers.

The anti-war movement was never about war. It was merely a proxy issue for destroying Bush and the Republicans. And it was the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Reason TV Presents: What Happened to the Antiwar Movement?