We are in a fascinating time in modern American history. Rarely are the two houses of Congress divided politically, where one party controls the House; the other controls the Senate. What makes these upcoming two years even more interesting is that Obama, to a great extent, probably blames the losses that occurred in November on the quagmire that the leaders in which his Congressional party preferred to wallow, rather than concentrate on accomplishing goals that the American people were interested in. So, in a spirit of generosity, I will hereby proffer to the President what he should do in the speech that will neutralize the Republican majority in the House, and, to a great extent, silence the blowhards in the Democratic Senate.

I think what Obama should do is to amend part of what Bowles and Simpson tried to do in the Deficit Commission last fall. He should offer to set a relatively flat tax rate at some low level like 10%, for example have three rates, 9%, 10%, and 11%. At the same time, ALL personal deductions would be eliminated. Any deductions that are maintained by Congress would increase the top level. So, for example, if Congress decided that the mortgage interest deduction should be retained, then its cost would be offset by raising the top tax rate to generate the income that is lost by the deduction.

Imagine the consternation that this would cause among our Congressmen and Senators. Any of their loopholes will immediately be met with a corresponding tax hike. Also, look at the problem for lobbyists; instead of just telling the rest of us to rain money on their clients, everyone would know how much their own taxes would be raised to pay for the lobbyist’s work. Also, consider how much easier it would be to complete your income tax return. Get your income, figure out which bracket that you’re in, and you’re done. Finally, the most important benefit to this is that the government will, to a great extent, get out of the business in trying to affect our policy choices. If we opt to give money to charity, for instance, we do it because we want to, not because we may benefit financially.

I believe that someone (not a Luddite like me, obviously) here will be live-blogging the speech. These events tend to mix news with humorous comments, so be sure to watch it at Right Pundits.