Context. That is what’s needed when analyzing Robert Bentley, Alabama’s newly elected governor’s speech from his inauguration. While giving the speech, Bentley said that if you are a Christian like him, then you are his brother and his sister. He didn’t specifically say, if you’re not a follower of Christ then you’re not my brother or sister. Nor did he imply that non-Christians would be treated differently than Christians.

The anti-defamation league and others are offended that the Christian Robert Bentley would leave them out, so to speak. But here’s my question to those offended; if Bentley had lumped you in with the Christians, would you not be offended as well? Of course you would be.

If you are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, wouldn’t you be offended if the governor had said that you were his brother or sister, a Christian? This wasn’t a na, na, na boo boo kind of statement as some are making it out to be; this was a conviction filled, faith based observation that Robert Bentley made.

It’s seems funny to me that those who are relentlessly criticizing those in the Christian faith for trying to proselytize the world, are offended as well when they’re left out. Robert Bentley, Alabama’s new Republican governor wasn’t going to win either way.