After creating quite a controversy over the accusation that his father had Alzheimer’s while in office, it is now admitted by Ron Reagan that that isn’t what he meant to imply. He also said in an interview his facts were wrong about an incident in Arizona when Ronald Reagan fell from a horse.

736px Reagan family 1960

During an interview on GMA, Reagan tries to backtrack from his original statements about his father’s condition but the ravenous wolves that are the mainstream media would have none of it.

Elizabeth Vargas and George Stephanopolous push Reagan to agree with his initial statements that Reagan had the disease while occupying the White House. They were unashamed in their attempt to cast the former President in a light of not being all there when he held the highest office in the land.

They also asked Ron Reagan about the feud with his brother Mike who was none too happy with Ron for making the statements in the first place. When Reagan replied that he didn’t want to talk about family feuds in public, Stephanopolous replied, “You have before.”

Admitting in the interview that he “got facts wrong”, Ron Reagan said that the book had already gone to the printer. It was too late to correct anything. If you wrote a book about your late father, wouldn’t you want the facts to be correct? If statements you made created a firestorm of controversy, wouldn’t you want to make sure everything was cleared up before going to print? Just a question.