If I said I was shocked, I’d be lying. We’ve all grown accustom to the Chavez regime’s ridiculous antics over the years; however, this one takes the cake. According to a recent story in the Telegraph, Chavez’s government has ordered a private television station to stop broadcasting the Colombian soap opera “Chepe Fortuna” because it features a troublesome dog by the name of “Little Hugo.”

I’ll admit that the program does have some not-so-subtle undertones (the dog is owned by a girl named Venezuela who apparently has a much better behaved sister called Colombia). Plus, according to the Telegraph’s report, the following dialogue appeared in a recent episode after the girl loses “Little Hugo”:

Venezuela is shown searching for her dog after he goes missing, calling out: “Little Hugo? Baby? Baby? Cutie?” Later Venezuela is seen crying as she talks to someone over the phone and asks: “What will become of Venezuela without Little Hugo?” A man replies: “Venezuela will be free. Lately Little Hugo was defecating everywhere.”

To be honest, I am now searching for DVDs with English subtitles – this sounds like quality programming. However, it appears that Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission doesn’t share my sentiments. The commission recently condemned the program for it’s “degrading treatment of Venezuela.” Chavez himself took a shot at “Chepe Fortuna” this past Saturday, stating the following during a speech: “What disrespect for Venezuela! That soap is so horrible!”

Colombia and Venezuela have experienced strained relations over the last year due to claims that Venezuela was supporting and harboring Marxist guerrillas intent on overthrowing the Colombian government. This is apparently acceptable in the mind of Chavez; however, the line should never be crossed when it comes to television soaps. For the Telegraph’s full article, follow this link.