Herman Cain is one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve seen in a long time. He commands the stage, has great presence, but even better has something to say. He also has a compelling life story as a self made man. Recently Cain announced that he wants to run for president of the United States and this week he told ABC News that he could beat Obama. Cain has set up an exploratory committee and is officially in the game.

Cain met with ABC News and insisted he could beat Obama in 2012. “Yes. If I didn’t think I could — if I didn’t think I could win the Republican nomination, No. 1, and if I didn’t think that I could beat, in a political competition, President Obama, I wouldn’t be doing this,” he said.

“We can re-strengthen our national security, we can really get a handle on the immigration problems and we can really do something about cutting federal spending. That’s where I’m going to focus on as I go forward in evaluating whether or not I am going to make a final decision to run for president,” Cain said.

Herman Cain has an impressive resume, to be sure. After university, Cain went to work in private business and eventually became the head of the Godfather pizza chain bringing it back from near bankruptcy to a successful franchise business. Eventually, he bought the chain from his employer and ran it himself.

Cain is also a radio talk show host having his own show out of Atlanta, Georgia on WSB AM 750. Over the last two years he has been a staple at Tea Party events across the country and it is his success at those appearances that encouraged him to run for president.

He is an amazingly straightforward man both on stage and off. He isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks about this great country, both where its gone right and where it is going wrong. Cain is a full-throated supporter of American exceptionalism.

Make yourself familiar with Herman Cain. He’s the first one out of the gate and he’ll need the exposure to get to a wider audience than the Tea Partiers.

Interview with Herman Cain
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