Joe Scarborough aka Joe Scarfarce (“Republican”) strikes again. He made a really bad remark about Fred Thompson’s wife. A transcript of the remarks is as follows:

JOE SCARBOROUGH, host, “Morning Joe”: Have you seen, um, have you seen Fred Thompson’s wife?

CRAIG CRAWFORD, Congressional Quarterly: Oh, yeah!

SCARBOROUGH: You think she works the pole?

CRAWFORD: That’s what Hollywood careers will do for you, I guess.

SCARBOROUGH: [Laughs] What do you mean?

CRAWFORD: You get wives like that.

SCARBOROUGH: I mean, look at that guy. God bless him, I love his voice, but I mean, you know, he ain’t Robert Redford in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.’

CRAWFORD: Well, I’d like to see him get back into politics, ’cause I think he’s a lousy actor!

I’m not a big fan of “Republican” Joe Scarborough. In fact, I dislike remarks about any candidate’s spouse/child. I wonder if MSNBC will follow its “Don Imus” policy and fire Mr. Scarborough.

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