Arizona shooting victim, James Eric Fuller was arrested for shouting a threat at a Tea Party member at a town hall meeting just days after he accused Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sharron Angle for being to blame for the rampage.

Warner wrote here about the initial incident in which James Eric Fuller, 63, took a picture of a tea party leader and shouted, “you’re dead.” Not exactly the tone of “civility” that President Obama asked that we use the other night.

Trent Humphries, a tea party leader, said during the taping of the town hall meeting that any discussion of gun control should be delayed until after all of the funerals for the victims had taken place.

At that point, James Eric Fuller took a picture of Humphries and yelled at him. “You’re dead,” he said. Fuller, arrested and detained on a misdemeanor was shot during the rampage on January 8th.

Fuller is also being psychologically evaluated while he’s in custody. The hospital that is doing the mental health evaluation will determine when he’ll be released.