Why do media folks allow the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson to tell such fibs? Jackson indulged his inner fictionist again on MSNBC this week. His subject was the Arizona shooting and the left’s favorite boogieman, guns. How does this purveyor of tall tales have any credibility at all?

However it is that he is allowed a public form as a legitimate spokesman for anything, he’s at it again. Jackson doled out several outright lies in his latest MSNBC appearance:

There’s a kind of pervasive meanness and what makes me feel so anxious about this is that while we focus on Gabby and her recovery — we hope to God that she will recover — about 30,000 Americans are killed by gunfire each year, about 100,000 are injured. We make the most guns and bullets and we shoot them. We make the most bombs and we drop them. We’re the most violent purveyor, most violent nation on earth.

Let’s take the last calumny on the U.S. first. “We’re the most violent nation on earth,” Jackson insisted. Are we? With crime falling consistently every single year in the last decade are we more violent than drug gang plagued Mexico? Are we more violent than countries with genocidal regimes like Sudan or Zimbabwe? Are we more violent than North Korea, a country that starves, imprisons, and murders its citizens by the thousands every day? More violent than Iran, China or the Palestinians that unleash violence, murder, and state sponsored domestic terror every day?

Do we have violence in the U.S. and more than we should have? Of course. Are we the “most violent on earth”? Not even close.

Now as to the statistics Jackson promulgated. Those too are nonsense.

First of all there is no physical way that 100,000 people a year could be hurt by gunfire. Were that the case every single American would either be a victim of gunfire or personally know someone who is. In fact, it wouldn’t take too many years before everyone in the country has been shot at that rate! The number Jackson claims is simple hyperbole and not based on any facts at all.

Secondly, even the 30,000 a year is misleading. For instance, the bulk of people killed with guns are criminals involved in interactions with other criminals. But even if we ignore that the 30,000 might be overstated.

In 2009, for instance, the FBI tracked 13,636 homicides in the U.S. Of that the FBI finds that 9,146 of those victims were killed with a firearm of some sort.

Is any innocent killed by a gun a horrible thing? Yes, of course. Regardless the violence in America does not make of her “the most violent nation on earth.” It just doesn’t.

(H/T Weasel Zippers)