This week we saw the shameless response by Liberal Democrats they always seem to have to any tragedy. First, they blame it on Sarah Palin, ‘right-wing fanatics’ and Conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh. Then, when they realize they stepped in ‘it’ yet again, they duck and cover and attempt to act somberly. Thus, on Thursday, members of the House paid honor to the victims of the senseless crime in Tuscon, Arizona. Shortly after Speaker John Boehner gave his remarks to honor those victims, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi gave her speech. It was confused and babbling at some points. Especially when she referred to the act of violent, premeditated crime as a ‘tragic accident’. Come on, Nancy! It’s time to face reality, something you’ve lost touch with long ago.

Nancy Pelosi tragic accident

An accident is when despite best intentions and motives, things go wrong. The shooting in Tuscon was premeditated. If there was an accident, it happened when the voters reelected Sheriff Dupnik. But, as usual, Liberals like Nancy Pelosi cannot accept reality. Islamic terrorists flying jets into buildings? It’s a ‘man-made-disaster’. The war against terrorism? It’s an overseas contingency operation. They always have some new way to describe reality in gentler, softer terms that are completely misused.

So once again, Nancy Pelosi pushes the envelope of sanity. I almost fell over when during her speech on Thursday, she said “The resolution is a fitting tribute. It is a great tribute. Please, read it again and again.” This from the same person who said the Congress didn’t have to read the health care bill, that we just have to vote and pass it first if we wanted to know what was in the bill.

I’m sorry, but Nancy Pelosi is a complete joke. The shooting in Tuscon, Arizona was not “tragic accident”. Anybody who takes her seriously is a fool. I would hate to say that the time has come for a mandatory retirement ages being set on our political leaders, but between Pelosi, Harry Reid Sheriff Dupnik and others, all are exhibiting symptoms of senility. They’ve all passed whatever prime they may have had, and I stress the word ‘may’.

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