Since I am declaring today a ‘vitriol-free-Friday’, let us see what our favorite former Russian spy-babe, Anna Chapman is up to? Oddly enough, she’s back in the news as host for a new TV show, ‘Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman’, which will premier Jan. 21. Putting her unique talents to work, the new Anna Chapman TV show will explore the great mysteries of the world. Move over Brad Meltzer, you’ve got some ‘hot’ competition now!

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Former Russian spy to host new TV show, ‘Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman’. Image Source:

According to the press release from Russia’s REN-TV, everyone’s favorite red-head will be hosting the new documentary, ‘Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman’, where she will “solve the world’s most complicated mysteries.” Really? This I have to see!

The lovely spy-babe, Anna Chapman, made headlines when she and nine Russian agents were busted for espionage last year. They became part of the largest spy-swap in history, even with the many which had taken place during the Cold War. So what does an ‘exposed-spy’ do next? Appear in the Russian version of Maxim magazine in sexy outfits and poses. Anna Chapman has ascended to the heights of celebrity, with even rumors about her and Vladimir Putin being bandied about. We learned last month that all Anna Chapman wanted for Christmas was a lion cub for a pet. Anna, they may be cute while young, but lion cubs are not exactly long-term pet.

But that’s okay, because Anna Chapman’s new TV show will now help solve that world’s most complicated mysteries! I can hardly wait to see what sort of mysteries she attempts to solve. If nothing else, ‘Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman’ may displace other programs, like the whole ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. That one certainly jumped the shark long ago and has become a most vile and awful exhibition of narcissism. As Max Bialystock said in Mel Brooks‘, ‘The Producers’, “Flaunt it baby! Flaunt it!”

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