A new Urinating Police-Woman sculpture is on display at an art show in Germany, and has been causing a firestorm of controversy since it’s unveiling last week. The life-like model shows a female officer exposed from the waist down, squatting in a corner. Get pictures from the event and more details on the story below!

Urinating Police Woman Sculpture  2

This exposed pose is just adding insult to injury according to European officials. Having an officer relieving themselves is quite enough without adding indecent exposure, they say.

Still, a spokesperson for the art show said the Urinating Police-Woman Sculpture is merely a harmless observation of society, and is not meant as an offense.

“There have of course been letters of protest, particularly addressed to the artist,” a spokeswoman for the Academy of Fine Arts, Andrea Weippert said. But she insisted that most “people who visit the show are not offended. The artist is exploring a taboo zone. ‘Petra’ is not a provocation. It is an observation of society.”

German officers, however, are seeing things differently. Officials decried the model and say the artist has “breached the limits of artistic freedom.” The argument of what limits can be placed on artistic freedoms, and thereby freedom of speech, has been an ongoing battle since the law was founded. Most artists, however, live and die by the famous quote from Salman Rushdie, who said “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.” Henderson Mullin, managing director Index on Censorship, disagrees.

“I get a bit disturbed when people talk about a right to offend. It’s not a positive thing,” says Mr Mullin. “The UN declaration talks about freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, not our freedom to offend.”

Do you find the Urinating Police-Woman Sculpture offensive? Or are German officials reaching to far with their attempts at censorship? Let me know your thoughts in the commet section after you check out more pictures of the controversial art, and a video on the topic below!

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