Okay, enough already! Is there is still one person on the staff of the Pima County Sheriff Office who has an IQ of 100 or more and is capable of rational thought? If so, then he or she needs to whisper, or yell, into the ear of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik “SHUT UP!!!” “STOP GOING ON TV!!!” This guy is going from being an embarrassment to becoming as nutty sounding as Jared Loughner’s You-Tube rants about illiteracy and hemp-currency. It was bad enough that the Democrat Sheriff had to politicize the horrible tragedy in Tuscon while bodies were still being photographed by evidence gatherers. But now, days later, when everybody knows that everything Sheriff Dupnik speculated on during his press conference Saturday is just plain WRONG, Clarence, the Crosshaired-Sheriff, is still peddling his brand of idiocy.

sheriff clarence dupnik
Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, should he be required to prove mental competency, too, now?

Seriously! What is worse? That some lunatic committed an act of violent terror because he thinks ‘the government’ is controlling his mind with poor grammar? Or that this Sheriff Dupnik, who continues to double-down on his erroneous position that vitriolic discourse and political rhetoric is solely responsible for Loughner committing murder? These two misguided perceptions of reality are beginning to blend awfully close together. Obviously, Loughner is worse as he has spilled blood. But what happens if some madman shoots Beck, or Palin? Should we immediately blame Dupnik for encouraging such violence?

It was bad enough that the usual suspects (Paul Krugman, Joe Klein, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and bloggers at Daily KoS, Media Matters, etc) immediately tried to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for inciting Loughner. Or that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are inciting violence and revolution. About the only thing Glenn Beck incites is a surge in ice cream and pie sales! So-called ‘legitimate’ news sources, like the New York Times and Time Magazine, are still attempting even today to connect Loughner’s actions to Sarah Palin and conservative talk radio.

So to was it expected that the Far-Left wing of the Democrat Party would begin their drumbeat for stiffer gun control laws and censoring talk radio and cable TV programming. I nearly gagged when Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) actually tried to claim that reading the Constitution of the floor of the House was “uncalled for”. Those who think that things were so much more peaceful and wonderful when the Fairness Doctrine was in place tend to forget all of the rioting, the violent protests and political assassinations that occurred during the 1960s and ’70s. They forget, or ignore the facts, that cities with the toughest, most restrictive gun laws tend to have the highest crime and murder rates. Or how about the governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, now banning state employees from appearing on ‘for-profit’ talk radio programs? Talk about lunatic-fringe reactionaries!

Personally, I stayed off the Internet on Saturday upon hearing about the shooting. I refrained from any wild speculation or ‘vitriol’. Being reasonably rational, I knew that the first 24 hours of any event like this will have an abundance of unknowns. Even today, days later, there is still so much that is a mystery. Some things we may never know or fully understand. That is the reality of acts like this. For all we know, what finally triggered Jared Loughner into action was he thought he received a message from the moldy oranges on his ‘skull altar’ in his backyard.

As I child, I occasionally watched the TV show, “Daktari”, which featured Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion. I think it was on Saturday nights, probably right before or after “Flipper”. Even though Clarence was cross-eyed, usually seeing two of everything, he still managed to save the day every week. Clarence had plenty of help from Judy the chimpanzee, who probably pointed Clarence in the right direction.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has become joke. Given the situation in Pima County, he probably was one long before Saturday’s shooting. But, at least prior to then, he was merely a local joke. Now, Sheriff Dupnik, thanks to the willing Liberal Media, has descended into National Foolishness. Not being a lawyer, I couldn’t say if he’s poisoned the jury pool with his public comments, but I’ve heard many make the argument the past few days. As far as Sheriff Dupnik’s opinions about political rhetoric and vitriol, he needs to look in the mirror himself. More importantly, he needs to just shut up and do his job! I’m sure that his office must have a professional public relations person to handle the press. Better yet, maybe it’s time to consider retirement, Clarence? From the looks of things, the people of Pima County are not being served very well by you!

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