‘OJ Not Guilty’ is the message of a new book by former defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey. Bailey was part of the NFL star’s defense team in 1995, and says in his new book that the defense team had to shelve proof of OJ Simpson’s innocence due to juror attrition and the subsequent threat of a mistrial. Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

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Could it really be so? While the 1995 trial ended with a “not-guilty” verdict, the NFL star had already been condemned in America’s eyes and is still thought to have cheated the system somehow during the trial.

Now, one of his former lawyers is looking to set the record straight. F. Lee Bailey’s new 20,000 word book gives details about four un-called witnesses for the defense that may have given proof of OJ Simpson’s innocence.

“So many people said, ‘You are the reason he got off.’ It is very frustrating, a terribly raw deal,” Bailey told the Press Herald. “It’s unfinished business … I would like to be able to finish the case and put every witness (on the stand).”

So could the ‘OJ Not Guilty’ verdict really be legitimate? Bailey says his team had four witnesses in waiting that would have made their argument rock-solid: a forensic scientist, an expert on battered women, a blood expert, and a man who possibly saw the killers with Nicole they day of the murders. All three scientists, he said, would have stated that the Hall-of-Fame player was probably not the killer, and their eye witness was ready to describe the hostile encounter he saw between Nicole and two unknown men that day.

Bailey is hoping his book garners the attention of America, and helps to clear the name of himself and his former client

“Among the rednecks of America, which there are many more than people seem to realise, it was terribly damaging. I got blamed for OJ’s acquittal.” He continued on to say, “I am convinced that he sits in jail today because a jury in Nevada believed it was punishing him because he ‘beat the rap’ for these two murder charges.”

While the thought that the former NFL star is guilty has become engrained in society, the new book certainly re-opens the case for the American public. Is OJ not guilty? Will the new book about proof of OJ Simpson’s innocence change America’s mind? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! For more on this sensational story, don’t miss the pictures and video below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/David Livingston