Bob Parks has a great piece on Black&Right that reminds us that the right in America has no history of violence and rioting. On the other hand the left does. With all the Old Media’s attempts to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers with killer Jared Loughner despite the mounting evidence that Loughner had nothing whatsoever to do with the right, with all these far left media attempts to push the narrative that it is the right that is violent, it is instructive to see where the real violence in America has come from in the last 40 years. The left is where violence comes from in America, not the right.

Parks hits the nail on the head with his very first sentences.

In an ongoing effort to deflect attention away from the possible inspirations of the Arizona shooter, the left has yet again presented a coordinated accusation towards Sarah Palin, conservative talk radio, and the Tea Party. However I can’t recall one instance to date where it’s been determined someone on right has committed a violent act inspired by a conservative pundit.

Parks goes on to point out that not one violent incident or riot has occurred at any Tea Party rally in the last two years since conservatives have begun to organize. Millions of Americans have flooded the streets, parks, and schools across the country in response to the Tea Party rallies, yet not a one of them have turned to violence sponsored by conservatives.

On the other hand, Parks reminds us that riots from left wing students and leftist groups abound.

Over the years, however, we’ve seen political violence and it’s almost always committed by young people on the left. Whether we’re talking demonstrations at political party conventions, World Trade Organization and/or G8 summits, we usually see the same types congregate: young people in bandanas or skull caps covering their faces who routinely destroy public and private property under the guise of their right to assemble and speak freely.

Yet even as we see this crime in Arizona reported as “violence” sponsored by the political right in America, there simply isn’t a shred of proof for the claim so widely bandied about by the lying Old Media and the Democrat Party and its minions.

Finally, there is one more point to make here. Hatemongers on the left have been decrying (again) the political action committee map that Sarah Palin used early last year to target Democrats in the midterm election. The screaming mimis on the left have claimed that because Palin used a surveyor’s mark on her map to pinpoint what states she was targeting with her efforts, that “proved” she was “inciting violence.”

This is simply a lie, a way for the left to warp language. The left excels at attempting to destroy the English language for its own disgusting purposes.

First of all, the Democrats themselves used the same motif on their own campaign maps (see here).

Secondly, even as the Democrats did use a target image on their map just like Palin did… so what? Using the word “targeting,” or “target” when discussing a goal IS NOT using “violent rhetoric.” These words are used throughout the world to denote a goal. They are used in sales — ever heard of a “targeted sales campaign”? — and they are used in every walk of life to denote something that someone is focusing on. It is a warping of English to turn these words into “violence.”

In fact, we can find examples of leftists using such “violent rhetoric” all over the place. President Obama himself has used such rhetoric repeatedly, yet no one in the Old Media is saying the president is somehow inciting violence — this itself is proof that the Old Media is entirely biased against center right America.

Just to show a very few examples of the language that Obama has used:

  • “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
  • “Get in Their Faces!”
  • ” don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”
  • “Hit Back Twice As Hard”
  • “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.”
  • “Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”
  • “It’s time to Fight for it.”
  • “Punish your enemies.”
  • “I’m itching for a fight.”

Now, using the far left’s “logic” we should be condemning President Obama for “inciting violence.” The truth is there isn’t a thing wrong with his language. It is perfectly normal and does NOT denote “violence.” But the sad fact is that the left is filled with liars and the Old Media biased hacks that have but one goal: helping the left win the political debate. We know this because the rhetoric that the left and the Old Media claims is “inciting violence” is ignored when it is uttered by a Democrat or a leftist but it is pointed out and made from a mole’s hill into a mountain when anyone right of center uses it.

This crime in Arizona is being used by the far left in America as its Reichstag Fire. The left wants to take this incident and use it as a political tool. And the Old Media is its handmaiden in the effort.