Jared Lee Loughner, shooting suspect in the horrifying violence in Tuscon this past Saturday, may have been obsessed with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords since meeting her in 2007. As more is learned about Jared Loughner, early speculation as to his motives are evaporating. Some media and political figures immediately attempted to connect the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin with him. A new report yesterday based on a finding by the Southern Poverty Law Center to the Department of Homeland Security associated Loughner with a group, American Renaissance, which denies DHS affiliation to the shooting suspect. Even stories about Loughner being an atheist may be wrong as a search of his backyard revealed a strange ‘altar’ with a skull and decaying oranges, possibly indicating some bizarre pagan/Druid beliefs.

gabrielle giffords
Jared Lee Loughner, the shooting suspect, may have been obsessed with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords since 2007.

While there is no denying that we are a politically polarized society, and have been so for ages really, I personally do not consider the current ‘vitriol’ a serious issue in regards to this particular incident. From everything we are learning about Jared Loughner, he was a nut-case. My own personal first impression when I initially heard the news of the shooting, and saw a picture of Congresswoman Giffords, was that if there is any motive here, it is probably far more primal than mere politics.

She is an attractive woman and Loughner is a strange, confused, young man. To me, that spells something more simpler and basic than her vote on Obama-Care. While details are still limited and sketchy, the information coming out on the police search of his home is relieving some clues, albeit weird ones. A safe he kept in the basement contained a letter he had received from Giffords’ office after his meeting with her in 2007. He apparently had already ‘tagged’ her as one of the ‘illiterates’ as her answers to his questions were unsatisfactory.

Loughner spent a good deal of his time on his obsession with ‘illiteracy’. From information coming out about the trouble he caused at Prima Community College was that he was very strange and argumentative. Many of his fellow classmates, and even some teachers, were concerned that he was a potentially violent threat. What Loughner truly means by ‘illiteracy’ or how he determines who is ‘literate’ is still a mystery. But it would appear to be at the heart of his bizarre, twisted world-view.

I’m still looking into this decaying oranges and Pagan altar connection. But for the moment, it clearly shows that his religious views were also strange and twisted. Many people subscribe to one form or another of Paganism. Just as many people smoke marijuana, which Jared Loughner did. Of the scores of millions who smoke pot, and hundreds of thousands who may call themselves Pagans, a fair number also own firearms, as Loughner did. But they do not commit mass murder as he.

There is little doubt that Jared Lee Loughner, the shooting suspect in the Tuscon tragedy, is a mentally disturbed individual. While many are quick to point to politics as his motivation for attacking Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the trail of clues and evidence seeping to the surface discounts such accusations. We may never really understand why Jared Loughner unleashed this act of violence. But I suspect that the real motives are more darker, and primal than just politics.

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