The following is a short interview with incoming congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina which was conducted at the end of December. Scott represents South Carolina’s 1st congressional district after defeating Democrat Ben Frasier by a landslide with 65% of the vote.

Tim Scott

He becomes the first African-American member of congress from the state in over 100 years and one of only two Republican African-Americans currently in congress. His life story is one of personal perseverance and inspiration for all, the stuff of Hollywood movies. Scott grew up in a single-mom household in poverty but rose from those circumstances all the way to the U.S. Congress.

RP: What issues in the campaign do you think connected most with the voters in your district?
My desire to repeal national health care, my commitment to drastically reduce government spending, and the importance of extending the current tax cuts in order to grow the economy and end the corrupt earmark system as we know it.

RP: What 2 or 3 specific goals are you most interested in seeing accomplished this term?
My legislative priorities for this term are cutting spending, extending tax cuts for all Americans, and repealing nationalized health care for a more sensible approach to our nation’s health care system.

RP: How hopeful are you that the new Republican majority will be able to accomplish these goals?
I am confident that the new Republican majority will not compromise their conservative principles and will work together to pursue a legislative agenda that limits the scope of the federal government. Democracy is slow and messy, but we must not abandon the conservative principles that we know will get our economy back on track.

RP: Has anything about the political culture in Washington, DC surprised you yet?

RP: Nationally, does the GOP’s historic victory in the 2010 mid-terms give it a mandate from the voters, and if so what is that mandate?
Republicans were not given an unlimited mandate but an opportunity; and it is an opportunity that we must take advantage of—the future of our country depends on it. We must enact policies that promote economic growth and job creation, reflecting the consensus vote by the American people.

RP: How difficult will it be for the Republican House majority to work with the Democratic Senate majority and President Obama to accomplish national priorities?
We’ll see.

RP: Anything more you want to share with the readers of
Thank you for what you are doing for the conservative cause.

And thank you, Congressman Tim Scott.

Scott is the 10th interview we have done with the incoming freshman congressional class of 2011. You can read the rest of our interview series here.