As disgusting as it is, Democrats and the left have been falling all over themselves to use for partisan political purposes the crime perpetrated in Arizona against Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a shooting in which a federal judge and five others were killed — including a 9-year-old girl. Hours had not even passed and few facts were known, yet Democrats were claiming that the Tea Party and Sarah Palin were to blame and, worse, began to try and use the incident in a fundraising effort.

There are so many Democrats and Old Media types that immediately began to use this incident to smear conservatives, Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin that less than 24 hours after the incident it is already impossible to list them all.

Pima County Sherif Clarence Dupnik was early out of the gate claiming that the conservatives in Arizona contributed to the shooting. Dupnik’s comments were so outrageous that Senator John Kyl (R, AZ) scolded him over it on national TV.

Sherif Dupnik wasn’t the only one. Shortly after the shooting, Representative Linda Lopez (D, AZ) immediately announced that she was sure that the killer would turn out to be a crazed Afghan War veteran of the U.S. armed forces. She also said that this was all the fault of the Tea Party movement.

Also on Saturday another Democrat Congressman, New Jersey’s Bill Pascrell, said that this happened because of the “aura of hate” sponsored by Fox News.

Later that evening, a left-wing Democrat group called 21st Century Democrats used the shooting as a fundraiser! The group claims to be a “grassroots” organization, but was founded back in 1986 by several powerful Democrats such as Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. In a disgusting display of opportunism writ large, the night of the shooting, the group sent out a fundraising letter via email to all its members in hopes of capitalizing on the crime.

The Old Media was also not to be left behind where it concerns immediately blaming conservatives, Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin for the crime. Despite that no political motive was at all obvious in the killer’s intent, these left-wing “news” makers immediately jumped into the blame game.

Other news outlets such as NPR, CBS, MSNBC, also played this blame game throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

As abhorrent as it is, the left is trying to create a Reichstag Fire out of this incident.