This is a developing story…….

Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has been shot at an event in Tucson Arizona. Five other individuals including members of her staff were also hurt.

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Giffords was holding a “Congress on your Corner” event at a grocery store in Tucson when an unidentified gunman ran up and started shooting. Some reports say that Rep. Giffords was shot point blank in the head.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air says that Gabrielle Giffords has been taken to a Tucson hospital. Her condition at this moment is not known.

Once again, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, shot at a rally in Arizona. We’ll keep you updated further as information becomes available.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that 15 individuals were shot at the event.

UPDATE: Streaming Live Video of coverage added.

UPDATE: Minimum 4 people dead. Still no word on Congresswoman Giffords.

UPDATE: NPR reporting that Congresswoman Gifford has died as a result of her gunshot wound.

UPDATE: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot dead in Arizona.

Embedded video not working, you can go here for live local coverage.

UPDATE: Gawker reports that the gunman was a white male in his mid to late 20’s.

UPDATE: Fox is reporting that Gabrielle Giffords is ALIVE. Maybe a miracle here? Everyone has been reporting that she has died, now Fox is saying that she is in critical condition. PRAY!

UPDATE: Statement from Speaker John Boehner about the shooting.

UPDATE: And it begins. Lefty loons are now trying to blame Sarah Palin for this tragedy. Apparently there is no shame left in the world.

UPDATE: 19 shot, 5 dead. Giffords in surgery.

UPDATE: You can read the ramblings of a madman at the Hot Air Link above. Ed Morrissey has updated the link to include Jared Loughner’s YouTube manifesto. Form your own conclusions from this information.