No one likes a sore loser, and the freshly deposed house majority leader is on the verge of becoming one. In an interview with CNN’s John King on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi blames Bush for her party’s devastating mid-term loss, and her own loss to John Boehner. Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

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Now back to her more familiar role as the House minority leader, the once impervious Democratic leader is seeing mutiny amongst her ranks. How will she quiet those rebellious Democrats?

“We still would have lost the election because we had 9.5 percent unemployment,” she told King. “That came from the policies of George W. Bush and the Republicans’ support for his initiatives.”

While Nancy Pelosi blaming Bush for her party’s mid-term loss certainly has a petty aspect to it, there are few who would look at the situation the 111th congress was given and not see it as a lose-lose situation. Had the Republicans been in control of Congress and spent far less on stimulus, we may have been in the depths of a double-dip recession right now; and there’s no doubt Democrats would have seized the opportunity to re-take congress at that point.

That aside, what the public would really like to see is the Democrats taking full responsibility for the loss, and not just the standard political finger-pointing. The Democrats certainly did a lot of spending while in power, spending that the public was not ready for in such tight economic times.

With the shift in power, the hallmark of the 111th congress is now the focal point of political debate. Many new GOP candidates gained office over their Democratic counterparts by promising to repeal the divisive health care reform bill.

In a moment of clarity, the new House minority leader points out an alleged act of hypocrisy on the part of some of those new house members.

We’ll see “whether these members of Congress who have fully availed themselves now of the federal employees health insurance initiative here in the Congress, with full coverage for their children and their families, will vote next week to repeal any opportunity for that kind of access.”

The Federal Employee Health Benefits Program freely gives full health coverage to congress members and their families. At least six freshmen House Republicans have opted out of the FEHBP so far.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi should blame Bush for her party’s fortunes in the mid-term elections? What do you think will happen to her House’s hallmark health reform bill? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out pictures and video on the story below!

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Photos: Devorah