An envelope ignites in a Washington DC Post Office addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano today. This follows two fiery packages targeting the governor of Maryland yesterday. Postal workers are now on heightened alert for suspicious activity and for packages similar to those used in these three letter bomb attacks. According to DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, today’s package will be sent to the FBI lab for forensic tests. Both packages from yesterday’s attacks were standard white packages, 7.5 inches by 4 inches and 1 inch deep. Both contained a note saying “REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY! TOTAL BULLS–T! YOU HAVE CREATED A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY!”

Janet Napolitano DHS Secretary
Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano gets fan mail from a flounder? (BTW, that’s a line from the old ‘Rocky & Bulwinkle Show’, so don’t get your space-panties in a bind!)

No word yet on whether the package today had a similar note, but it was the same size and type. Also, none of the three have a return address and all had multiple stamps to cover postage. Joanne Veto of the Postal Service told Fox News that all three also had similar postmarks, so they were probably mailed from the same location.

Both yesterday and today, none of the devices exploded but ignited, spewing a thick sulfur-smelling smoke. Some injuries due to the flash and smoke were reported in yesterday’s incidents at two State of Maryland government mail-rooms in the Baltimore-Annapolis area. Today’s incident in Washington DC also had the package igniting and stinking of sulfur. DC Officer Hugh Carew reported that there were no injuries today. Some believe that the trigger-device maybe a very simple type using match-heads in connection with the easy-open strip on the packages.

The envelope ignites in a Washington DC postal office brings back memories to many of the anthrax-mail scare following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. As well as the ‘Uni-bomber’ attacks that went on for years. Some of his initial devices did little damage, but over time became more sophisticated and deadly. For now, postal employees and mail-room workers at government offices are on high alert for any suspicious activity or for packages baring similar characteristics as those of the past two days. A series of recent letter bomb attacks have taken place in Europe, mostly at foreign embassies in Rome. Some officials are pointing fingers at an anarchist group based in Greece as responsible for those.

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