Well, now that the Obama administration has taken over the Internet and decided to ignore Congress, ignore the courts, ignore public polls against it, and ignore the voters FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has announced that he wants Internet users to turn informer on any ISP that they feel might be running contrary to his iron fisted rules. Not only that but he’s calling for AP writers to provide him a spying AP for that.

Imagine that? Doesn’t this seem like one more step toward a Chinese-styled control of the World Wide Web, the sort of control where users are asked to act as snitches, governments block and control what is seen, and innovation and freedom are dispensed with?

If it doesn’t, I’d say you aren’t paying attention.

Rogue Chairman Genachowski has announced that he would like to begin a program of Internet users using some sort of application that can measure their Internet speeds in hopes that the programs might discover that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is slowing connection speeds to high bandwidth users.

Genachowski is calling it the “Open Internet Challenge” and hopes to create a national network of spies, snitches, and tattletales to catch ISPs violating Genachowski’s fiat rules. One imagines that his first concern is money-making as large fines will likely be levied on those ISP’s perceived as having violated his royal edicts.

“Our goal is to foster user-developed applications that shine light on any practice that might be inconsistent with the free and open Internet,” Genachowski told reporters.

Believe it when those that oppose the FCCs highhanded efforts to control of the Internet from Washington D.C. say that these small steps are just the first few toward content control by Washington bureaucrats.