Surprising absolutely no one, the new House Speaker John Boehner cries during his introduction to lead the brand new 112th congress. Known for getting publicly teary on many recent occasions, he managed to hold it together in order to give a speech, but had his handkerchief on standby just in case. Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

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Crying political figures have had a hugely polarizing affect on the general populous ever since Glenn Beck started choking up on national television, apparently overcome by his affection for the nation. While some find the tears a sign of genuine character, others find them the ultimate form of pandering.

This is, however, not to say that new House Speaker John Boehner has any ulterior motive when he cries. But the fact is that every time the GOP man lets his emotions go, he stands to suffer some heated criticism. Explaining his election night tears during a previous 60 Minutes interview, the leading Republican explained that he felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of the moment.

“Talking, trying to talk about the fact that I’ve been chasing the American dream my whole career,” he said. “Some things, there are some things that are very difficult to talk about. Family, kids — I can’t go to a school anymore, I used to go to a lot of schools. You see all these little kids running around, can’t talk about it. Making sure that these kids have a shot at the American dream, like I did, is important.”

If you’re wondering where all the emotional openness come from, the answer was fairly clear at the ceremony yesterday. During the key moment where the oversized “gavel of choice” changed hands, at least 6 white handkerchiefs were deployed in the balcony, where the GOP man’s family were seated.

Crying aside, the new leader of the House was anything but delicate about his new policy. Letting loose the anticipated war against Obama’s policy, he said his focus would be reducing national debt, with a strong hint towards repealing the newly passed $940-Billion health care reform package.

What do you think of the emotional side of the new House Speaker? Do the tears improve of damage your faith in John Boehner? Check out the videos as he cries during the inauguration and pictures of the new majority leader below, and then let me know what you think in the comment section!

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Photos: Devorah