This story is sure to raise a few eyebrows…..and blood pressures. Could a Michele Bachmann Presidential run be in the offing? Reports are saying that her aides are saying she’s in. Bachmann Chief of Staff Andy Parrish says “nothing is off the table.” Wow. Imagine, Michelle Bachmann, president.

It wouldn’t be a total shock to see someone like Bachmann make a White House run although it would sort of be out of the blue. She’s unbelievable when it comes to raising money. She has impeccable conservative credentials. Liberals hate her guts. The Tea Party adores her, and she’s not afraid to take on the establishment.

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A Michele Bachmann Presidential run would certainly complicate things for other GOP hopefuls like Palin, Huckabee or Romney. And to be perfectly honest with you I wouldn’t mind seeing someone like Bachmann enter the race to shake things up a bit. The establishment, the media, and certainly Obama are hoping for the same tired field that we had in 2008 minus of course McCain.

Democrats say they want Palin in the race knowing full well they really don’t. Bachmann’s Presidential run would be similar to Palin’s in the fact that it would pit the establishment Republicans against the Tea Party favorites. The only downside to a Bachmann run would be the negative effect it could have on Palin.

After her re-election this past November, Michele Bachmann established the Tea Party caucus illustrating her seriousness about the movement. Some have speculated that she may not really be considering a Presidential run. Could it be that she’s just looking ahead at a possible Senate campaign? You can read here what Allahpundit thinks about a possible Michele Bachmann, President of the United States.