Mullah McCain proclaims the following blogs must be read this week or risk the eternal wrath of Right Pundits blog, Great Satan of the conservative blogosphere. Fatwa on you!

David J has a biting Bush and Putin cartoon. Resurrection Song Akbar!

Conservative Culture has a video tribute to Ronald Reagan. Conservative Culture Akbar!

Western Hemisphere Policy Watch thinks that the Bush Administration is getting cozy with Cuba. WHPH Akbar!

David Wissing has the winners and losers from the Republican debate. Hedgehog Report Akbar!

Ace of Spades has the sneaky guest-worker sunset amendment that might sink the amnesty bill. Ace Akbar!

Jawa says that Fred Thompson is in 2nd place, and he has the latest poll to prove it. He also has the video of Fred Thompson on Hannity. Jawa double-Akbar!