Sgt. Matthew Neu of the Manatee County Sheriff office in Florida thought it was funny calling a scripture passage the ‘Obama Prayer’. He highlighted a verse from Psalms 109:8, “Let his days be few, And let another take his office”. The problem was the Bible he circled the passage in was not his own, but one belonging to a coworker, Sgt. Martha Nash. She reported the corrections sergeant to the Manatee County Affairs Report that she felt Sergeant Matthew Neu’s ‘joke’ was a direct threat against President Barack Obama. The very next verse to the Psalms is “Let his children be fatherless, And his wife a widow.” Now, Sgt. Matthew Neu in hindsight realizes that it may not have been a good idea.

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So now, Sergeant Matthew Neu is suspended for at least three shifts while the incident is investigated by the county’s internal affairs unit. Neu admits that his ‘joke’ may have been in poor taste. He is well known by his coworkers to be less than a fan of President Obama and is opposed to his agenda and policies.

Sgt. Matthew Neu apparently received the ‘Obama Prayer’ verse, Psalms 109:8, about ‘Let his days be few’ in an email and intended to show it around to others at the Manatee County Sheriff office. Sgt. Marsha Nash thought it was funny at first, until she read the next scripture passage. That is when she filed a Manatee County Affairs report. She believes the corrections sergeant, Matthew Neu, was out of line and that it was a threat against President Barack Obama. She probably is unhappy that Neu used her Bible for his ‘joke’. Sergeant Matthew Neu says he did not know the Bible was Nash’s own, as her desk usually has a stack of Bibles which are given to inmates. Sgt. Matthew Neu now realizes in hindsight that his ‘joke’ may be in poor taste.

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