Talk of New York City sanitation workers and a slowdown during the recent snow emergency is getting uglier. A new report is that during the NY blizzard, bosses drank beer on the job rather than supervise snow removal. The New York Post, which has led in covering this story, now says that many sanitation workers and supervisors drank beer on the job during the blizzard. That many sanitation workers and supervisors sat in their snowplows and department cars idling the day away instead of removing snow from city streets. Other sanitation workers told their bosses they ran out of gas to avoid work. New York City was hammered by the Christmas blizzard and got an average of 20.5 inches of snow. The Department of Investigation has been ordered by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to look into the allegations.

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 29: Bystanders and emergency workers stand before attempting to free an ambulance stuck on a side street in the Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn December 29, 2010 in New York City. Many side streets, especially those in the outer boroughs, are still unplowed in the wake of a massive snowstorm that crippled much of New York and left millions of holiday travelers stuck at airports and train stations around the eastern seaboard. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

The city was paralyzed during the Christmas blizzard, which delivered enough snow to make it the sixth worst in the city’s history. The New York Post originally broke the story last week that sanitation workers were told by the union leaders to deliberately participate in a work slowdown to protest budget cuts and layoffs. Many major streets in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx remained blocked for three days or more. Many side streets were just finally cleared this weekend, mostly due to a warm front and rain.

Now, one week after the Christmas blizzard, New York City faces another problem, piles of garbage! As sanitation workers were busy plowing snow, normal garbage pick-up was delayed or ignored. Post-Christmas garbage collection is always further complicated by additional trash in the form of Christmas trees, wreaths, plus unwanted packages from gifts and trash from holiday parties.

Representatives from NYC sanitation workers and unions deny the charges of a deliberate work slowdown during the Christmas blizzard. Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted during recent press conferences that some missteps were made by city officials in responding to the 6th worst blizzard in New York City history with an average snowfall of 20.5 inches. The New York Post now reports that sanitation workers and supervisors drank beer on the job. The Department of Investigation is looking into these allegations.

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