News is leaking out that President Obama may be about to pick another member of his Chicago circle of friends as his next chief of staff. Brother to long-time strongman Mayor Richard Daley, Bill Daley, may be Obama’s pick according to Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg News.

Like Rahm Emanuel before him, Daley has worked for Obama in the past. Daley served as the co-chair of Obama’s presidential transition team in 2008 as well as serving as an economic adviser.

So another Chicago crony could be working for the Obama White House. Like Rahm Emanuel, Valarie Jarrett and several others whom the Obama’s worked with in Chicago early in his career, Bill Daley is an old Chicago crony, for sure.

Bill Daley, 62, was once the U.S. Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton and chaired Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000. Daley co-chaired Obama’s transition team as he prepared to take office and also served as an economic adviser.

However, if Daley takes his place as Obama’s Chief of Staff, this could figure troublesome to Obama’s union supporters since Daley was one of the biggest supporters of the North American Free trade Agreement passed in 1993. Unions have always opposed this bill and may feel that Obama is putting someone close to him that is anti-union (just as they complained about Rahm Emanuel, also a NAFTA supporter).

Daley joined JPMorgan Chase in 2004 and has been the president of communications of SBC since 2008.