All too often one has to wonder if Democrats have any conscience at all. Or maybe it’s not that they lack conscience, but that their principles are so utilitarian that they can lie with abandon if they feel it is “for the cause.” I ask this after seeing Democrat National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine lying to beat the band on CNN. Kaine was trying to answer to why Obama has failed so miserably on the economy in his 24 months in office. The answer: he’s been awfully busy, ya know?

On Sunday’s State of the Union show with host Ed Henry, Kaine was pressed on why Obama has failed to come through on his often repeated, and repeated, and repeated claim that he’s going to make jobs his first priority.

Kaine started off his “answer” by saying, “Well, Ed, he had a lot of things he had to do” when he first took office. If that isn’t weak enough, it gets better because then Kaine begins issuing lie after lie to cover for Obama’s abject failure.

Kaine said that when Obama took office, “we were in the midst of two wars. He stopped one of them.” The latter is a lie. Bush was the one that allowed for the war in Iraq to ramp down. Bush sponsored the surge that ended the war and announced the troop draw down that Obama just continued. So, Obama did NOT “stop” one of the wars.

Next Kaine says that Obama was too busy for jobs because he had to, “spend an awful lot of time stabilizing the financial system of the country.” This is also misleading because, whether youa gree with the ideas or not, Bush is again the one that initiated all these sort of policies, not Obama. Obama just enlarged those programs and policy ideas. He didn’t create them.

Then Kaine ended his fantasy without talking about the entire year that Obama wasted on Obamacare, as if Obama’s being too “busy” to focus on the economy and jobs. Kaine did not include the time the president wasted on the unpopular Obamacare.

CNN host Ed Henry caught that, too. He pressed Kaine on Obamacare asking why Obama wasted so much time on it instead of focusing on jobs like he continually said he was going to do.

Kaine really ramped up the lies for this answer and disgorged several lies in his next answer.

First Kaine said that Obamacre will, “go down in history as one of the great achievements.” The recent elections pretty much shows that America does not like Obamacare and thinks it a failure… a dangerous one at that. He said that Obamacare will “bring costs down.” It won’t. He acted as if Obamacare was intended as a way to improve the economy and help stop job loss. It wasn’t. It was just Obama’s dream socialist program and it had nothing at all to do with jobs.

Lastly, Kaine ultimately ignored the question. He didn’t address the fact that Obama launched into Obamacare despite his claim that he wanted to focus on jobs, that his push for Obamacre replaced his focus on jobs. He just tired to massage Obamacare into some sort of surrogate for a focus on jobs. It just wasn’t.

It is sad when these Democrats are revealed to be such abject liars. But it is oh, so common.