If you are a regular viewer of his Fox News Channel program, then you may know that ‘Broke’ by Glenn Beck may be his last ‘political’ book. Subtitled, ‘The Plan To Restore Our Trust, Truth And Treasure’, the 416-page book is loaded with plenty of facts, figures, and, as billed, an 8-step plan. While much blame is heaped upon the more extremist Liberal-Progressives in the Democrat Party, and their ‘RINO’ allies in the GOP, Beck essentially blames us, the American people, for the country going broke. Like an alcoholic or other addict, we, as a people and nation, have spent ourselves into financial oblivion.

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‘Broke’ is divided into three sections; the history of how we got here, the current crisis and it’s extent, and a plan to restore values and solvency. The information is well foot-noted and often displayed in creative, easy-to-understand ways. Sometimes too often for my tastes, but that’s just me. Having read many similar books on this subject, Glenn Beck’s ‘Broke’ is a good primer for somebody who is just beginning their personal education on the subject of government and economics.

I will admit that this is the first book of any type I have read by Glenn Beck. While I enjoy his program on the Fox News Channel, the aesthetics of ‘Broke’ was somewhat irritating to me as a reader. Given that Glenn is facing vision problems himself, I was sadly disappointed by the tiny, faint text on colored pages. Does he want us all to go blind with him?

Beyond that, I was also disappointed by some sections and analogies used by Glenn Beck in ‘Broke’. During his ‘historical’ review, he neglected my personal favorite economic story, that of the fiat currency collapse of France in the mid 18th Century under King Louis XIV. He had switched from gold-backed currency to a monetary system based on property values to generate more cash for his free-spending ways. As one can easily imagine after our own recent housing bubble, this was a very bad idea and almost resulted in the French Revolution happening years earlier. At one point, people were actually protesting by burning piles of the worthless paper money in their town squares.

The general situation we face today is that our entire economic and politic system is busted, hence Glenn Beck calling his new book, ‘Broke’. In most respects, it has already failed and declining rapidly as it searches for the bottom. A depressing thought to start a new year on, but necessary if one wishes to survive and prosper later. Much of Beck solutions are personal, since it is we, the people, who must change first, before we can bring genuine change to our government and economy.

Beck relates that perhaps Aesop put it best in his fable of the ant and the grasshopper. America used to be a nation of ants, working hard and saving, storing for winter. For the past century, we have become increasingly more ‘grasshopper’-like in our behavior and morals. Glenn Beck rightly points out in his new book, ‘Broke’, that since the early 1900s, the American people, and their government, have been living beyond our means. Encouraged by economists like Keynes to spend and consume as much as possible, we have dug this hole ourselves. So the main tenant of ‘Broke’ by Glenn Beck is that we only have ourselves to blame, and only ourselves to count on for the solution.

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