In 1979 a Chicago Mayor lost his seat because he failed to get the snow off the city’s streets in a timely manner during a once in a century storm. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is feeling that same dagger in his back for his own failure during last week’s fumble of snow removal in New York City. And now New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also feeling the icy cold grip of Mother Nature around his neck for the same failure.

Christie was on vacation when the snowstorm hit last week. That wasn’t the problem, though, the problem was he stayed on vacation as his state struggled to dig out from the killer storm.

Weathering criticism with aplomb does not seem to be Christie’s strong suit but in past cases he was on the side of the angels. This time he looks a bit more petulant than righteous.

Christie should have cut his vacation short and tried to get back. Despite that he was “on the phone” to his government, he should have realized that being away on vacation during a state emergency makes him look like a slacker whether he had firm control of the reins of government from a distance or not.

He also asked for federal assistance to help pay for the crisis. This can easily be pointed to as hypocrisy by his opponents.

I am starting to guess that Chris Christie will be a one-term governor. Still, that won’t be so bad if his impact is large enough.