Washington Post writer, Ezra Klein, appeared on MSNBC yesterday with Nora O’Donnell during ‘The Daily Record’. The subject was the GOP’s idea to have the U.S. Constitution read out loud on the floor of the House. O’Donnell wanted a ‘wonk-ish’ opinion on this plan and the very Liberal Klein was all too happy to comply. Ezra stated “The issue of the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than 100 years ago and what people believe it says differs from person to person and differs depending on what they want to get done.” This is the typical response by those who like to twist individual terms and sections, such as the Commerce Clause, to give the Federal government more than the sixteen specific authorities detailed in the Constitution.

ezra klein constitution confusing

O’Donnell set the stage, saying that the Constitution of late “has been getting a whole lot of lip service.” She then asked Ezra Klein if the GOP plan was merely a “gimmick”? I suppose Nora is right about one thing. Unlike Ezra, Nora knew the Constitution was 223 years old, or at least somebody on MSNBC’s production staff did.

The two then went on to show clips of various politicians talking about the Constitution recently and comment on them. First was one of John Boehner holding up a copy of the Constitution and then reciting a passage from the Declaration of Independence. O’Donnell asked Ezra “is it alarming that the Speaker of the House confused the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence?” Klein did not find it alarming, just possibly embarrassing.

Ezra Klein then goes on to talk about how the Republican plan to mandate Constitution authority be included in each new bill to be voted on by the incoming 112th Congress is more or less a red herring. He claims that the Democrats were already doing this and cited an example from the health care reform act, specifically the insurance mandate and how it is Constitutional under the Commerce Clause, stating that the Federal government has the authority to regulate interstate markets.

The problem is, of course, is that health care insurance is NOT an interstate market! People can only buy that health insurance allowed in each state. The Republicans had actually proposed that lifting such restrictions be included in the reform act as a way to increase competition, but Democrats rejected the notion.

Ezra Klein is a classic example of the Liberal mentality that believes the Constitution is an old, worn-out, even tiresome document that has no place in our modern era. Not only is he confused about it only being 100 years old, he is confused by it’s clear and simple language, as well as it’s intent. That he is a regular on MSNBC is no accident, as that network actively supports a Progressive agenda. Ezra Klein’s misreading of the Commerce Clause, and the rest of the Constitution, raises the issue that perhaps the management at the Washington Post should screen their hiring practices better. Given their own Liberal agenda, I suppose they already do!

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