President Barack Obama, having failed to get his ‘Cap and Trade’ bill passed through the Senate, has decided to skirt the legislative process using EPA regulators. Effective January 2nd, a new set of carbon dioxide emission limits will be imposed by the EPA on energy producing companies. The White House director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, circulated a memo to all departments and agencies of the Federal government that calls for a “a clear prohibition on political interference in scientific processes”. However, some will argue that this, in itself, is political interference. Republicans are preparing to fight this decision when taking control of the House on January 5. The United States Environmental Agency declared greenhouse gas like CO2 as dangerous in 2009.

JAENSCHWALDE, GERMANY - AUGUST 10: Exhaust plumes from cooling towers at the Jaenschwalde lignite coal-fired power station, which is owned by Vattenfall, August 10, 2010 at Jaenschwalde, Germany. The Jaenschwalde power plant, built by the former East German government in the 1980s, emits 25 million tons of CO2 annually and is among the biggest single producers of CO2 emissions in Europe. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The Obama administration cites a 2007 Supreme Court ruling declaring that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas to defend their power to use the EPA to impose regulations without Congressional approval. In 2009, the EPA declared that CO2 was an endangerment to he environment. Last year, the GOP attempted to float a bill through the Congress which would have stripped the EPA of such arbitrary authority. However, Democrats blocked the bill from reaching the floor and being voted on.

There seems little doubt that the Republican Congress will fight the White House during it’s next session over this issue. Cap and Trade was a key reason for many voters to sweep the GOP into a huge majority in the House of Representatives. The House passed Cap and Trade while Nancy Pelosi was Speaker and Democrats held the majority, but in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid failed to gain support to pass the measure.

The new EPA regulation will require companies involved in energy production, such as oil refineries and electrical power plants, to obtain permits for releasing carbon dioxide, said to be a ‘greenhouse gas’. Many environmentalists argue that such greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of global warming and climate change. However, the data does not support that either global warming or even climate change is occurring, let alone caused by man-made sources.

Carbon dioxide does benefit plant growth, hence the ‘greenhouse gas‘ title. Plants take in carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthesis process, converting in into plant energy, typically a form of sugar, and oxygen. Studies show that doubling the CO2 content in a confided growing space will in fact quadruple plant growth, thus acting as a counter-balance with increased oxygen production.

The White House is prepared to use the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air Act to impose new regulations on companies involved in energy production. Oil refineries and power plants will be required to have permits to release carbon emissions under the new EPA regulation beginning January 2. Barack Obama is committed to satisfying his environment-base to regulate carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. All life on Earth either emits or consumes CO2. A showdown with the incoming Republican Congress is expected over this issue.

President Obama laughs at a question during a press conference at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington on December 22, 2010. Obama spoke on the lame duck session of Congress including the Tax Bill, the 9/11 Responders legislation, the Dream Act and the START Treaty. UPI/Kevin Dietsch Photo via Newscom

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