In an interesting tactical move in his apparently never-ending quest for the Alaskan Senate seat, Joe Miller announced Sunday that he would not try to block Senator Lisa Murkowski’s certification as the victor in the November election. However, he plans to continue his legal fight to remove her from office.

ANCHORAGE, AK - NOVEMBER 2: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller (R) and his wife Kathleen Miller arrive to cheers from a packed house at the Snow Goose Restaurant November 2, 2010 in Anchorage, Alaska. Miller, the Republican nominee and Tea Party-backed candidate, hopes to defeat a write-in campaign by Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski, whom he defeated in the primary election, and Democratic candidate Scott McAdams.(Photo by Eric Engman/Getty Images)

Miller, in a prepared statement, said that “This decision will allow Alaskans to focus on bringing fairness and transparency to our elections process without distraction of the certification issue,” Miller’s action permits Murkowski to be certified with the rest of the 112th Congress next month.

Miller will continue to fight on though, he said, in an attempt to overturn the election results. The basis of his argument remains the same as it has been, that voters who mis-spelled Murkowski’s name should not have their ballots counted on her behalf. He has also brought up a charge that the state did not sufficiently impede felons from casting ballots. By the way, it’s unclear to me how this could work out in Miller’s behalf, unless he could somehow establish statistically that felons who voted votes overwhelmingly for Murkowski. Instead, if Joe won on this argument, it seems to me that it would invalidate every election in the Snowball State. Miller alleges that he is continuing his battle to maintain electoral integrity in Alaska.

Let’s look at what Miller is doing for a moment. He won the Republican primary earlier this year, defeating the incumbent from his own party. He obviously had a lot of internal party support at that time, including the support of Sarah Palin., Lisa M. decided to contest the general election as a write-in candidate, and in all probability, was victorious. If Miller would have accepted his loss graciously, I’d guess that, with his name recognition, he would be likely to win a future nomination for either a state position, or a job opening in Congress. But by fighting onward, he is turning the party machinery against him; as well, Sarah Palin hasn’t vocally expressed support for Miller’s inability or unwillingness to concede. So, he has killed himself politically, I would think. So, in an effort to keep his fifteen minutes alive, he has ruined any chance of extending his time in the limelight.