I don’t know how much I’ll be writing the next couple of days so I’ll leave you with this gem. In Oklahoma City, a boy, 13, arrested for illegal magic marker possession. You can let that one sink in for a bit if you’d like. Seems his teacher made a citizens arrest and used a stupid city ordinance as the reason.

In Oklahoma City there is actually a magic marker ban which is intended to curb graffiti. I’ve never been to the OKC but wouldn’t New York or Chicago be a better venue for such a ridiculous ordinance? Anyway, the 13 year old boy was using the illegal marker in class when this witch of a teacher spotted it.

If you dare, you can see the evil Woodside here. These are the people teaching our kids now. Be afraid, be very afraid.

The 50 year old teacher busted the kid and ruined his Christmas. Police let 50 year old DeLynn Woodside sign a citation against the youngster. I’m guessing she’s no longer on Santa’s nice list after this display.

The 13 year old boy, arrested for illegal magic marker use was transported to a juvenile holding facility. Authorities in Oklahoma City are calling this incident a “citizens arrest.” Wow, aren’t you glad we have wonderful “citizens” like DeLynn Woodside out there protecting the public from menaces like magic marker boy?

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