I was just in a conversation with McCain and he mentioned having toddlers, so I am posting this probably familiar poem by T. Berry Brazelton for those of you who are slogging through the toddler years or it may bring back [not-so] fond memories.

If I want it, it’s mine.
If I give it to you and change my mind later, it’s mine.
If I can take it away from you, it’s mine.
If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
If it’s mine, it will never belong to anybody else, no matter what.
If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine.
If it looks just like mine, it is mine.

And an addition that appears in some versions:

And if its broken, its yours.

Some more additions appear at “mom’s view.” “If it is a lilquid, it must be shaken then spilled.”

For all you parents out there – enjoy, then go hug your kids! For all you that want to be parents out there, you’ve been warned!