According to an article in The Hill today, the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, is considering another run for President in 2012. As we may recall, he ran for the Republican nomination for the office in 2008, and was initially considered to be the front-runner by the news media, until the voters overwhelmingly rejected him.

Dec. 15, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - RUDOLPH GIULIANI.NY Premiere of ''True Grit'' at Ziefeld Theatre, NYC. 12-14-2010. 2010.i15039kba. © Red Carpet Pictures

However, apparently, Giuliani believes that there has been a shift in the Republican Party that bodes well for another run for the office. In 2008, social conservatives wielded a great deal of power; he was ardently pro-choice and favored gay rights. Rudy anticipates that the major issue in 2012 will be fiscal conservatism, and he has a proven track record on that issue.

Giuliani also thinks that, since 2008, politicians who have done well are those who tend to be more aggressive in their speaking, people like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, or Chris Christie. Well, this is right in Rudy’s wheelhouse. He loves to talk tough. He claims that Christie often speaks to him and remarks that he is following Giuliani’s lead.

This year, Rudy worked tirelessly on behalf of other Republicans. He think that this will help provide him with the local support that he thinks caused the debacle that was his 2008 legacy.

Let me discuss for a second what I think, from a public policy point of view, was his crowning achievement. A pretty famous academic, James Q. Wilson developed a ‘theory’ called Broken Windows. This idea posits that if you fix little urban problems like graffiti or broken windows on empty buildings, then bigger problems become much easier to solve. The previous mayor of New York, David Dinkins, had argued that New York City was ungovernable.

I remember NYC at that time. Times Square was a place where you would never venture alone or with just your wife; it was replete with porno shops and the seedy characters that habituate these concerns. Going on a subway was an experience during evening or night that had to b e a cab driver’s delight. Virtually every subway car had goofy script on it that liberals thought was art, I know art, and that wasn’t it. Any random car was liable to be empty except for youths who looked at you with looks like you were invading their homes.

Giuliani changed that. He made Times Square one of the more family-friendly tourist areas outside of Orlando in the nation. When a subway car had graffiti on it, it would immediately be taken out of service, and the ‘art’ was removed. Eventually, the artists got tired of trying to exhibit their talents, and subways became useful means of transport again. Crime was reduced much more in NY than in the rest of the nation during his tenure.

On the other hand, I’d be stunned if Rudy actually was successful in 2012. I would think that an ad that would clobber his campaign would just be to show the press conference where he told his wife and kids that he was going to divorce her. I’m not sure that a lot of women find this an appropriate forum to find out this information.