The people of Hawaii can rest easier now. As the Presidential family begins to arrive for their Christmas vacation the threat of rabies or some other unwanted disease will likely be averted. First dog, Bo, quarantined under state law, will be thoroughly checked out before being released.

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 02: The Obama family dog, a Portuguese water dog named Bo, trots across the South Lawn August 2, 2010 in Washington, DC. Bo was out for a walk before President Barack Obama left the White House to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, where he will address the Disabled American Veterans convention about the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Michelle and the kids are in Hawaii, President Obama is waiting back in Washington to see if the democrats can inflict any more pain on the American people, and poor Bo is quarantined until he’s checked out by a local vet.

The law in Hawaii states that the First Dog must have a veterinary exam upon landing. The policy requires that he be tested for rabies and he needs to have had two rabies shots within his lifetime. Bo is also required to have a microchip for tracking, in case he gets lost on the islands. The Obama’s will also have to pay a fee to remove Bo from quarantine status.

As Obama slaves away in Washington, missing the start of his Christmas vacation, he can rest easy knowing that First Dog Bo’s quarantine will not last as long as his will. But then again he will be in Hawaii with Michelle until after the Holidays.