Forty year old Christine Logan was found murdered in Jerusalem this morning the victim of a brutal stabbing. Hiking in Jerusalem, the American tourist, along with a friend was approached by two individuals who asked them for water and then came back and brutally attacked them with a serrated knife.

MATA, ISRAEL - DECEMBER 19: (ISRAEL OUT) Israeli Zaka volunteers carry the body of US citizen Christine Logan, on December 19, 2010 in Mata, Israel. Logan was stabbed to death near the village of Mata, some 25 kms southwest of Jerusalem, when she was hiking with a friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, 46, at an archaeological site. According to reports Wilson, a UK immigrant now living in Jerusalem, was also stabbed and pretended to be dead before fleeing the scene. (Photo by Yoav Ari Dudkevitch/Getty Images)

Logan was found bound and stabbed multiple times laying by a roadside, her friend Kaye Susan Wilson escaped after playing dead during the attack. The two men haven’t been found by Israeli authorities. Wilson said that the two men were Arabs.

According to authorities, no terrorist organizations have taken responsibility for the attack but all leads are being investigated. A brutal knife attack isn’t the standard M.O. for terrorists but how else do you describe what happened to Christine Logan and Kaye Susan Wilson?

Wilson said that one of the men took her Star of David from her neck and then proceeded to stab her 12 times. She played dead and the men left; she then went for help. American tourist, Christine Logan wasn’t so lucky. She was found dead the next morning.

The attack appears to be either politically or religiously motivated.

According to the New York Daily News this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. But it does appear to be the first time for an American tourist murder in Jerusalem. Christine Logan’s hometown was not released by authorities.

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