Well, our long national nightmare is over. Finally, there is a Republican who does not consider the waters of the Presidential campaign too tepid, and has thrown himself into the pool. It’s not Sarah, it’s not Mitt, it’s not Newt, it’s not Huck, it’s not even one of the second tier candidates like Bobby J. or Timmy P. No, as befits recent tradition, this candidate is one of the lesser known entities who has been flitting around the edges of the political scene, Herman Cain. Cain announced that he is forming a Presidential exploratory committee, which is the preamble to the actual entrance into the contest. A video of a major speech given by Cain follows this article.

Who is Herman Cain, you might rightly ask? He previously was the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Currently, he is a talk show host and has become a celebrity among Tea Party supporters. As befits a Presidential candidate, Cain has been regularly visiting Iowa and New Hampshire to see if he has a base that he can solidify in a primary or caucus.

Following is a video of a speech given by Cain at the 2009 Georgia State Republican Convention, entitled ‘We the People’ which provides the basis of his campaign.