In a shocking bill introduced into the House, aides to Representatives may actually be required to know what is in the Constitution. According to the proposed legislation, introduced by Republican Scott Garrett (NJ), at the beginning of every year, all House staffers must attend a class that explains what is included in the constitution (and, presumably, what is not).

Garrett, the founder and chair of the Congressional Constitution Caucus, has claimed that the bill will help ensure that when Congressmen ask their aides if a bill is constitutional, this training will allow their staff to have some basis for their opinion. He stated that “members of Congress often consult their staff for advice about legislation and other official actions; consequently, I believe it’s important for congressional staff to have a firm understanding of the constitutional principles our country was founded upon,” Garrett said. “Having a training program dedicated to the Constitution would increase general awareness of the Constitution and thereby lead to a more constitutionally sound manner of governing. Congress would better limit itself to enumerated powers if those who work on Capitol Hill are more familiar with what those specific powers are.”

First of all, I like to think I have a nodding acquaintance with Congress. I’ve never heard of the Congressional Constitution Caucus (CCC). What’s up with this group? There are caucuses for every interest group that has more than one adherent in the legislature. Apparently, there are 25 members of the CCC. So less than 5% of our legislators agree with the aims of the CCC?

Second, a friend and I were discussing the Constitution last week. I posited that less than half of our representatives know what the various amendments discuss. I think my money is pretty safe after reading about this proposed legislation.