Meeting veteran ABC Interviewer Jim Sciutto after his release on bail, Julian Assange walks out of the much anticipated interview just minutes in, calling Sciutto a “Tabloid Schmuck.” Get the full story, and see pictures and the video in question below!

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Standing outside of his estate in Suffolk, England, where the WikiLeaks founder is currently under house arrest, Sciutto had arranged to get an exclusive with the controversial whistle-blower. But it was clear the correspondent pushed it too far just minutes into the interview.

“The allegations in Sweden. You’ve said many times ‘Smear Campaign.’ Are you saying in particular there’s been undue influence on the women who have made these accusations? Or is it undue influence on the prosecutor? Because I was in the courtroom all these times and there was talk of forcibly spreading her legs. Uh, holding her down so she…”

At that point, Sciutto is interrupted as Julian Assange walks out of the interview saying “come on, come on.” Once aides remove his microphone, Sciutto tries to approach him again, saying he “meant no insult.” At that point you can clearly hear the WikiLeaks founder call the ABC Interviewer a “Tabloid Schmuck!”

The founder and his website have both been under fire in recent months, the timing of which has not escaped the notice of WikiLeaks supporters. Proponents for the whistle-blowing organization, including the founder himself insist that the legal proceedings in Sweden, where he is being charged with rape, are merely a conspiracy to silence him and his organization. In fact, the site founder recently claimed that the main source of attacks against his website was international banks, who were recently announce to be his organization’s next target.

“We have been attacked, primarily, not by government, primarily, in fact, not by the US government, but by banks—banks from Dubai, banks from Switzerland, banks from the United States, banks from the UK, so, yes, of course, we are continuing to release material about banks.”

Whether the attack is a cyber assault from international banks or a personal insult from a brash reporter, it’s clear that the WikiLeaks founder isn’t afraid to put up a fight against anyone in his way. What do you think of the interview that Julian Assange walks out of? Was the ABC interviewer over-bold with his questioning? Let me know in the comment section. And don’t miss the interview video, plus pictures of the WikiLeaks CEO below!

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Photos: Deme