As is our tradition, our readers choose the Conservative of the Year. This year, in light of the astounding electoral victories, it was difficult to narrow the list, but here are 7 potential candidates (in alphabetical order) for your perusal:

Glenn Beck – The iconoclastic Fox host might not have the largest audience on the network, but it surely is the most fervent. His high point may have been the rally last summer that drew hundreds of thousands of his supporters to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Chris Christie- This conservative New Jersey governor showed that a state could be governed using conservative values. He also became a media star because of his ability to actually say what he thinks.

Jim DeMint – This Republican senator became a tea party favorite because he refused to merely follow his party leadership when it promoted values that he felt did not align with its supporters. He consistently devoted himself to the issue of smaller government.

Rush Limbaugh- He is the grand old man of the Republican Party. His talk show remains, after two decades, as the most popular. He is the advocate for the Club for Growth wing of the party.

Sarah Palin- Although she has been a target of the media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans, this charismatic leader of the Tea Party movement led to the nomination and election of many candidates. Her support of women in politics led some to refer to 2010 as the year of the Republican woman.

Ron/Rand Paul – Ron Paul has been the champion of a large section of the Tea Party. As a House member and ex-presidential candidate, he remains the definition of paleo-conservative in a political party usually dominated by either social- or neo-conservatives. His son, Rand, was nominated and elected senator from Kentucky over the opposition of the senior senator from his state, who is also the Senate Minority Leader.

Marco Rubio – He entered a race for senator from Florida in what initially appeared to be a lost cause. He faced the incumbent governor of his state who was well liked among the citizenry. Not only did Rubio’s candidacy induce the sitting governor to leave the nomination race, in the general election, Rubio won an overwhelming victory.

These are just my nominees. You may obviously vote for anyone you like. We celebrate America here.