While eating breakfast this morning the seventies era Chevrolet jingle ( …baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet…) came to mind, and actually motivated me to try and give baseball another chance, at least for one day. Like many people, I lost interest in MLB back during the 1994 baseball strike. There was just something fundamentally wrong about a bunch of grossly overpaid millionaires bitching about not being able to make even more money than they already were for playing a #@%&!$* game, but that’s another story. In the end, not only did I end up not watching any baseball, I ended loosing my motivation to watch any baseball period.

Not having a TV guide on hand, I decided to hit the MLB official website to have a look-see at today’s schedule, and I noticed some (what I consider to be) oddities concerning the Memorial Day lineup. The Yankees were playing in Toronto Canada, the Mets were taking the day off in preparation for a three day stretch in San Francisco that starts tomorrow, the Dodgers were also absent from today’s scheduled events but will hit the field tomorrow against (of all teams to not be on the field today) the Washington Nationals, and lastly, if you want to see the Padres in their special Memorial Day inspired camouflage uniforms, you’ll have to call in sick tomorrow.

I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this, but I just thought it was a tad bit strange that “Americas’ Team�? was playing on foreign soil on one of the most “American�? holidays on the calendar, and even worse (to me – due in large part to my somewhat fanatical sense of patriotism and American pride), the Yanks will also be taking the field in Toronto again on September 11. I know I might be over thinking this situation, but it seems to me that Major League Baseball would have someone within the organization that would think about these things, after all, these are the same folks that recently dreamed up the idea of playing the game with pink bats while wearing pink uniforms in the name of breast cancer awareness (which I think was a fine idea too).

Throughout the day I’ve been trying to figure out how a sports organization that takes a certain amount pride in being pretty damn shameless when it comes to dreaming up gimmicks that will draw a crowd didn’t jump on an opportunity to put some much needed arses in some of those extremely overpriced seats. Of course the cynical part of me wonders if the sport of baseball is simply slipping farther and farther away its American roots, especially in this day and age when the big stars are as likely to come from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, or a number of other third world localities as they are from being a home grown product of the good old U.S. of A. I might be wrong about this whole issue (or maybe it’s a non-issue from where you stand), and there may very well be some commonsensical reason that the baseball schedule is the way it is, but I think that MLB really missed out on a chance to remind some of us that baseball is still “Americas Pastime�?.