Apparently attempting to replace NASCAR as the official gathering point for hillbillies nationwide, Virginia resident Rob Clayton has created the official American Redneck Society. Before you ask: no, their slogan isn’t “Git ‘Er Done.” Get the full story, plus pictures and video below!

EAST DUBLIN, GEORGIA - JULY 11: Megan Lever shows off her Confederate flag belly-button ring and beer cooler during the 13th Annual Summer Redneck Games July 11, 2009 in East Dublin, Georgia. Started in 1996 as a spoof for the summer Olympics held in Atlanta, the games feature bobbing for pigs feet, hub cap hurling and the mud pit belly flop contest for trophies. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

According to the group’s founder, backwoodsmen and women are suffering from a lack of national cohesion and representation, and his group is the solution to their problem. But, to his credit, Rob Clayton says his organization’s goals aren’t oblivious to its inherent comical nature.

“[Out group] aims to shine the light on positive characteristics of redneck culture. One such characteristic is a love of country and respect for core American values . . . those held by our founding fathers, not liberals in politics and media. For these reasons, the American Redneck Society’s motto is: “Sense of Country, Sense of Humor.”

While most would reasonably react by snickering at the idea of an American Rednecks Society, a closer look shows that the groups goals are largely benign, and even rather respectable.

“I really felt that American Rednecks are an under-served, but large population that could benefit from a formal membership organization structure. We’re embracing the idea that the Redneck concept can be humorous. But Rednecks are a group of Americans who share common characteristics and have common needs. This Society can embody those characteristics and help meet those needs.”

For a one-time membership fee of $20, the group will provide a complementary bumper-sticker, access to retail discounts nationwide, and an honorary membership card. Visit if you’re interested. What do you think of the American Redneck Society? Is Rob Clayton’s group a good idea? Or will people have trouble identifying with it’s label? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out pictures and video on the story below!

 (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images) (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)(Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)(Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)