Washington, D.C. is full of rumors; there’s one going around now that is of particular interest to those of us who pay attention to such things. One Democrat lawmaker says that President Obama is pushing democrats to support the current tax deal on the table or it’s the “end of his presidency.”

Rep. Peter DeFazio said in an interview on CNN’s little watched Parker-Spitzer that President Obama has laid down the gauntlet by telling lawmakers that if he doesn’t pass this tax deal it will spell the end of his presidency. The White House denies that Obama has made such statements.

Early on I was for the tax deal. Why not? It looked as if you and I wouldn’t see a tax hike in January and Obama would get a black eye in the process. Now the deal isn’t looking so swell. Sure tax rates would remain where they are, but this bill, like all others, is packed full of billion dollar spending that is completely unnecessary.

One more thing, as time went on, and Obama championed the tax cut deal, saying that it was important for taxes not to go up, red flags went up. If Obama likes the tax cut deal then something isn’t right. It’s true that we do need taxes to remain at current levels or to go down in order to save our economy from taking a major blow; but not at the expense of more needless spending.

Whether Obama actually made calls and implored democrats to save his presidency by voting for the deal is irrelevant. He knows without a shadow of a doubt that a tax rate hike in January would fall squarely in his lap. He can ill afford that. Be we can ill afford the garbage that’s stuffed in this tax deal. If Obama genuinely believed in the tax cut deal, he would ask that the tax rates be dealt with on their own merits without pet projects, or unemployment benefits or any other pork added.

The Republicans in the House are the last hope for a real deal to be made. The Senate passed the bill by a wide margin. Perhaps the democrats who oppose the bill (for different reasons altogether) will be our saving grace. Either way, Obama’s tax deal could spell the end of his presidency. Whether he said it or not.